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Lose Weight in a New Way

Advanced Medical Weight Loss provides clinically assisted weight loss that will help you lost inches in weeks not months. All weight loss is medically supervised and FDA approved. We have several treatments and plans available to suit your needs and goals such as appetite suppressants and medical grade HCG shots.
Woman's Body Before And After Weight Loss — Medical Weight Loss in Saint Louis, MO

If You Want to Change, You Can

Advanced Medical Weight Loss has a 90% success rate but that is entirely dependent on the person. A lot of people don't succeed with their weight loss plan because they are not willing to stay compliant with the plan and are not ready to commit to the goal that's set. We will provide you a customized diet plan, treatment, and support because we are here to help you. You have to commit to coming in for the diet counseling. You must be accountable to make a change in your life. Our program works really well if you put your all into it.


  • Quick weight loss
  • Lifestyle change
  • Lose inches fast
  • Fat burning injections
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All I can say is that it's a journey, everyday presents challenges to overcome and the more weight I lose the more I have to think about myself as not that fatty still standing in the mirror. But im beginning to feel better physically, so thats my focus and my ultimate goal. To physically feel better. Thank you so much for helping me with my journey Dr. Secil Shodroski! It really is for the better.
- Megan V.